Be yourself..!

Friends, I’d like to introduce to you Riddhi Sharma whose wonderfully engaging posts caught my attention this week and I just had to follow her. She inspires and makes us think, to reflect honestly on our own lives and how we each have our own purpose in this world. Please take a look on Middhi’s site if you would. She has a strong and appreciative following.

Scripted Sheet

Be who you are. No matter what people say, if it is morally right, doesn’t harm anyone and it makes you happy then do it. No matter what you do, some people will always judge you. So don’t care about them, ignore them because that’ll be the wisest thing for you as a gentleman or a lady to do.

See you can’t please everybody. Even if you try, then also you’ll find some people who’ll be unhappy with your choices, your decisions, your lifestyle, and will judge you as a person. And my dear, ask yourself, did you come here on this planet to please everybody? To be like someone else? To live someone else’s life? Or to live as you wish to? To do what makes you happy? To be you as you are, unique in your own way? To thank, enjoy and cherish the way God has created…

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