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Hi, I’m Don!

In my late teenage years, I chose to study journalism through community college. Reporting news stories in the media, especially in newsprint, was a demanding discipline which required exceptional English language writing skills.

Here I was a young and enthusiastic student fresh out of high school facing the unfamiliar and daunting task of perfect news copy submission every single assignment to the journalism studies director who expected not only a thoroughly engaging, accurate and informative paper but also a piece that was flawless in terms of spelling, punctuation, fluid story composition and grammatically sound technically.

Standard practice on story review day with the entire class of forty budding news reporters observing entailed the instructor’s review of our paper and constructively critiquing our story compositions for a group learning experience. Our instructor was one demanding, crusty so-and-so who was insistent on seeing no less than a perfect paper. When he found flaws he would quickly admonish us one by one and without reading the entire piece he would simply tear our report to shreds and toss it, emotionless, into the trash can sitting ominously beside his desk. 

picture of a young college student sitting at a desk studying and writing notes.

This was an introductory taste of ‘real world’ demands and our reality was that in the business of reporting news publicly our work had to be absolutely flawless so that once it hit the editor’s desk for perusal it was print ready! I must confess that having our paper torn to shreds right in front of our peers, especially having pulled an all-night writing and editing session on the piece, left us visibly mortified! 

After a time in journalism school, I came to decide that the life of reporting news and life events was not really for me and I set out into the ‘real world’ to discover myself and where I fit in with my personality, skill sets and ambition. I would eventually pursue real estate property management as a career-long endeavor.

Over that thirty-year span, it quickly became increasingly evident that what we had experienced in college was a life lesson in what to expect out there in the ‘real world’. In preparation for journalism, I undertook to learn the written English language through in-depth studies and extensive research during my last two years in secondary school. I studied and read voraciously in readiness for the demands of what lay ahead.

Over the years that followed I was engaged by numerous of the top property management firms in Western Canada. I studied a four-year program to acquire a professional industry designation. My profession demanded exemplary writing skills for endless written communications from meeting minutes to consultative client recommendations, support services communications, operational reports and more. 

Even with my advanced level of oral and written communications skills, producing flawless and highly informative, engaging content in the business community was still a struggle for me. I saw no end of students in college and business colleagues struggle to meet the heavy demands and pressure of producing written content at that superior level. Some would ultimately burn out from sheer exhaustion and the stress of falling short.

From mid-life, I came into the exploration and discovery of pursuing the publishing of my creative writing. It was a personal pastime which would quickly turn into a lifelong passion for me. There too, my written composition had to be flawless. I soon discovered parallels insofar as the demand for high-quality, error-free, engaging content development that I had experienced in the business community working within the public and private sectors providing client and property services.

When I saw many of the most gifted management professionals and creative writers and authors struggling, whether in terms of irate client confrontations over sloppy communications and report writing or aspiring authors and writers whose painstaking written works were being met with rejection or poor consumer sales levels, it was then that I knew I had to be a part of the solution to their problem.

Sadly, the early education systems at the elementary and secondary school levels were only focused on teaching young students the rudimentary elements of the English language. Students were going into post-secondary education without the required skill sets to write effective, error-free papers. Upon graduation, those very same students, as in my own circumstances, entered the working world struggling even more with inferior levels of communications skills, both orally and in writing. 

Over the years I have seen a gradual degradation of English language skill levels apparent among colleagues, in public communications whether in the news media or various other print or electronic media publications…everywhere. It was then that I decided that I had to be part of the solution; helping people produce exceptional content that elevated their publications sales levels, captured attention in the business communities and fostered results in the marketing and advertising copy development industry. 

My goal and commitment to every customer that engages my textual editing, proofreading, writing, and copywriting services are to be the exception; to help each client develop the kind of distinctive content quality that gets noticed and produces desired results in keeping with their personal or business objectives. I want my clients to be that exception. I want to help them experience success in their own right.

Writing and creating exceptional copy continues to be a passion in my life and career. I develop high-quality content and copy for marketing and advertising campaigns and editorial processes for client publications. The end objective and result is the same; superior content that captures attention engages our audience and generates the desire to act and reap the rewards.




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