Our Brand Story

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Words by Design; Moving Audience Response from Good to Great!

Lasting Impressions Editing strives to express in a distinct, highly creative and exceptional way; capturing the essence of a brand, communications, and storytelling through clean, clear & concise copy with a touch and feel that captures the imagination every single time.

While preserving our client’s voice, their story is delivered in a highly compelling, more desirable way.

The foundation of our content delivery is the artistic vision. We conceive through creative revisionary spirit, expanding ideas and storyline platform in a universal yet deeply resonant and profound message delivery. An evocative brand copy with decision-driven voice moves your audience to action while a powerful publication chronicles spellbinding mystery and suspense or the drama of an exquisite thriller with a salacious romantic twist!

Our process is intensely word-centric rather than a glaze-over. At the heart of our focus is the customer experience. Their journey and response reflect the extraordinary; our vision and commitment the exception. Desire and outcome begin with needs while the most fitting solution awaits them.

Words with Intention; Impassioned Response


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