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CopywritingPutting together the right combination of words that compels actionable response on websites, articles, documents, email newsletters, headlines and sub-heads, advertising, business communications, social media and more.

Textual English Editing: Review and revision of client content to ensure that all structural, developmental and substantive/stylistic elements are well developed and consistent throughout.

Textual Content Proofreading: A comprehensive review of all content to ensure there are no issues relating to spelling, grammar, punctuality, sentence and paragraph composition and overall readability ease are technically sound.

Textual Formatting:  One of the greatest challenges for authors today is ensuring that their book manuscript interior content has been properly formatted in accordance with publisher/distributor ‘Content and Formatting Guidelines’. Although the guidelines specify best practices that will help ensure a quality presentation and readability of the published product, authors will often misunderstand the guidelines provided or fail to observe required formatting standards. Formatting issues are often complex and time-consuming to rectify and my services are tailored to pre-formatted MS Word documents files to help the author client start the writing process with a solid foundation of acceptable formatting settings configurations. In doing so, the final manuscript submission process is streamlined and much less problematic.

Publishing Submission: A clean process of cover design and manuscript uploading, entry of publishing details, writing and submission of a book description that serves as a carefully developed overview of the storyline while crafted to function as a strong ‘sales pitch blurb’ that is designed to grab the potential purchaser’s attention and stimulate sales activity. Typically the publisher/distributor often provides the means to review the interior content through a ‘Previewer’ which scans and identifies formatting issues and any other elements of conflict evident in the manuscript which needs to be resolved before the final submission can take place. Data is entered regarding the desired targeted audience reach for best possible search visibility and product marketing results, pricing and book distribution details, any special pricing/giveaways for a period immediately following the release of the publication and more.

Social Media Promotions & Marketing: Get your news to your targeted audience! Effective and affordable search optimized promotional and marketing services (SMO) are offered to help stimulate critical exposure and sales of your new publication(s) quickly at the point of publication release. Effective advance planning and promotions of new publications are just as critical as post-launch marketing efforts.

Search Optimization:  One of the most essential elements of marketing online today is the establishment of effective search engine optimization of digital content to ensure that it gets seen by the search engines and ultimately become visible in search engine results pages (SERP’s) for people searching for the product you are offering. These SEO techniques are implemented for publishing marketing and sales content, social media profiles and post content, advertising copy and more.


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