picture of young woman reading a novel story on her iPad reader. She has a very happy and engaged expression on her face. Textual graphic within the image reads "Boosting Reader Engagement".

At Lasting Impressions Editing my focus is centered on exceptional client services that leave lasting and memorable impressions.

When it comes to my clients’ document, website or social media content I work closely with each client to ensure that working together is a positive, meaningful experience and that together we produce the best possible results.

Our mutual project objectives should and do focus on creating high-quality content that will best serve my clients in terms of their needs, project presentation, voice, and brand and ultimately increase reader engagement, website traffic, and sales.


picture of three-time Emmy Award nominee Ernie Cefalu of Los Angeles, California

Ernie Cefalu, Los Angeles, California

Owner & Point of Connection Expert of Pacific Eye & Ear (.com) and Hornbook Ink, Los Angeles, California.

Renowned three-time Grammy Award Nominee. Highly acclaimed and famed for exquisite album cover art design and custom packaging, corporate advertising, and marketing specialist whose inception, vision and dreams have captured the hearts of millions.

Ernie Cefalu says: “I have been creating advertising and marketing campaigns for over forty years now with some of the most creative minds of our time. Working with Don is working with a true professional who has a powerful command and understanding of the English language.

Don’s always able to not only express exactly what needs to be said, but he’s able to do it in a powerful, artistic manor that is both compelling and memorable.

Without reservation Don is in that league…top drawer, first class.”

Ernie Cefalu
Creative Director / Point of Connection Expert

Pacific Eye & Ear  |  The Fine Art of Rock | Original Album Cover Art  |

Client Alexandra von Hahn of Eichwalde, Germany, a photographer portrait.
Baroness Alexandra von Hahn, Eichwalde, Germany & United Arab Emirates A business entrepreneur, Relationship & Consciousness Coach, Owner of Canadian Cheesecake Co. & author, business owner and spouse of a retired German Diplomat, engages powerfully in every aspect of her life endeavors and has lived around the world. Her highly enthusiastic and enlightened vision brings a new dimension into everything she endeavors to accomplish.

Alexandra von Hahn says: “With two very special book projects a work in progress I called upon Writer, Editor, Author, Poet Don MacIver to undertake the challenge as my Editor. His consultative style and sense of priority on behalf of his client has afforded me the comfort of knowing that every discerning word comes with balance and connection for my reading audience.

This editor embraces a compelling story as though his own with a delivery that has made a difference. And, oh yes, he writes wonderfully moving poetry too! When the business is done I can even retire to a page or two of poetic verse! You’ll find his words at Don MacIver Poetry on WordPress.”

Alexandra von Hahn

picture of client Professor Richard A. Cross of Atlanta, Georgia.

Prof. Richard A. Cross, M.A

Atlanta, Georgia

Adjunct Professor at Atlanta Metropolitan College; Facilitator at City of Atlanta Municipal Court; Empowerment Coach, Mentor & Motivational Speaker, Business Entrepreneur

Richard Cross says: “Don MacIver, RPA, I appreciate your kind and sincere comments. Your writing ability is impeccable and I will recommend all writers who want editorial work done to check out Mr. Maclver at Lasting Impressions Editing.”

Richard’s Inspired Quote:
“I am passionate about Helping people to Realize their Greatness.”

Follow this empowering scholar and motivational speaker through his websites linked below. His story is remarkably inspiring from the challenges of life and pursuing dreams through his youth to achieving the esteem and qualification of higher education where he has acquired Masters level degrees.

Few people in this world dedicate their life and career to instilling among others confidence and determination in pursuit of their dreams, to realize their true and full potential and rise above adversity.

Richard Cross’ voice resonates pride and humility we can all learn to emulate for our own greater vision and prosperity.

Energize Your Thoughts

Canadian author and poet Lynda Filler of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Lynda Filler, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Author/Poet on Amazon.

Gifted author & poet Lynda Filler, has five volumes of her original works of poetry and now an exceptional and growing library of action packed, high-level thriller/suspense/action/romance novels on Amazon.com that are high sales ranking with every publication.

JET EXPOSED, written in association with New York Times and the USA Today bestselling author Russell Blake, is quickly rising up through Amazon’s bestseller ranking with her fast-paced thriller novella set on the world stage. A very real and ominous threat to international security is looming dangerously close. Jet is recruited to a highly classified team to counter the ruthless players that vie for power and revenge. 

Anticipate an edge-of-your-seat plot packed with emotion and sizzle for those whose satiate appetite for the best reading experience can only be best served hot and highly seasoned. Lynda Filler is exceptional.

Lynda Filler says: “When I was invited to write for #1 NYT and USA bestselling author Russell Blake, I turned to Don MacIver. Jet Kindle Worlds set a window of six weeks to write a novella, edit, proof, format get the cover done and be ready for the Launch! I took care of the storyline and Don advised me every step of the way.

I feel as if I took  an MBA in editing/formatting/marketing over a two month period.
His support, attention to detail, superior ability to navigate Amazon and Twitter have been my secret weapon.

I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with Don MacIver.”

Lynda Filler on WordPress

Lynda Filler; JET EXPOSED

Lynda Filler publications on Amazon

Russell Blake; Lynda Filler Does Jet Kindle Worlds

Lynda Filler on Facebook

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